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  1. C6 Matte Dash

    Starting at: $26.40

    • Retains factory finish on every kind of dash board and door car material
    • Abrasion resistant and anti static
    • Easy clean effect
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  2. C6 Matte Dash AB

    Starting at: $33.00

    • Antibacterial
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Easy clean
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  3. I1 Smart Fabric

    Starting at: $22.00

    • 6 to 18 months durability
    • Highly oil & water repellent
    • No change to fabric look or feel
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  4. I1 Smart Fabric AB

    Starting at: $27.50

    • Antibacterial
    • Anti mould and mildew
    • Highly oil and water repellent
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  5. I2 Tri-Clean

    Starting at: $38.50

    • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
    • Powerful pH neutral cleaner
    • Absorbs odours
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  6. L1 Leather Guard

    Starting at: $220.00

    L1 Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion resistant matte finish which offers the best ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer and other discolouration.

    Friction protection is particularly important on seat bolsters, seat piping and any other high wear areas. The anti stain function is most relevant for light coloured leathers which are typically stained by dark coloured fabrics such as indigo jeans.

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  7. L1 Leather Guard AB

    Starting at: $38.50

    Antibacterial 3 to 12 months durability Abrasion resistant Learn More
  8. W2 Universal Cleaner Concentrate

    Starting at: $16.50

    • Matchless cleaning power
    • Can be used on any surface
    • Removes stains with ease
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Grid List

8 Item(s)